Welcome to Jen Gfeller Nature Photography.

I am a web developer from Vancouver, B.C. with a love for birding and photography. This website is a portfolio of my photography work, as well as a demonstration of some fun and interesting web development features (see vancouverwebdev.com for my development portfolio). These photos include mostly birds, but there is also a section with flora and other critters for variety.

In order to also have this site as an aid to identification, I have separated the photos into different galleries based on the type of photo. On each gallery page you can further refine what you are viewing by type and species, using the dynamic filters provided. Clicking an image will take you to the large version of that photo, where you can comment, or navigate to the other large images in the category.

All the large-size images are watermarked for copyright reasons, but if you see something you would like, feel free to inquire through the contact form. Because I dislike vertical aspect ratios for web, I have used a consistent sizing format for display here, but can also do custom cropping and sizing of any image on request (or masonry layouts for websites).

Regarding Comments:

I have enabled comments for individual photos. To prevent issues with spam and bots, I’m asking that anyone commenting enter their name and email address. The email will not be published or passed on to anyone – it is just for security. Once you have had one comment approved, you will be able to post further comments using the same identity without needing approval.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the site.